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My Top 5 Video Game Consoles Video Games. I grew up at the start of home video game consoles. I started with playing the Atari 2600 with my brothers. Then we got a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and ever since then I was absolutely hooked.  I have owned or someone in my house has owned almost every major console since that time. Here are my Top 5 list of all time consoles. #5 Playstation 2 The Playstation 2 is the successor to the Sony Playstation. My older boys were younger so at the time we only had a Nintendo Gamecube to play games since most of what they enjoyed had to be family friendly.  One game that I was missing out on was Grand Theft Auto 3. Everyone loved the game but with kids in the house I could never play that game. Finally I broke down and purchased a…

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